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Oregon by Jamie Lee Grey

Oregon by Jamie Lee Grey
English | 2019 | Fantasy | ePUB | 310 KB

The water is off. The power is off. All bets are off.
Suffering a nearly fatal blow, the United States staggers forward, struggling to regain its footing. The latest attack, a massive EMP, has wiped out most of the nation’s electric grid.
In Oregon, Katie and Zach Nelson settle in a location that appears to be a safe hideout… but unexpected threats may make it untenable, and stress from their long ordeal begins to take its toll. Can this defenseless family live in obscurity, or will the forces mounting against them prevail?

Meanwhile, in the nation’s capital, President Alana Mills attempts to reassure and calm the populace while grappling with her new position and those who seek to undermine her. Was her predecessor murdered in the White House? Is she also in a killer’s crosshairs?
In Canada, Evan Nelson struggles to guide his mother and Elizabeth while reeling from unspeakable tragedy. Dwindling resources and growing hostility create new problems. With no money and few friends, how can they hope to survive?

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